Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Belacan & Salted Fish Fried Rice Recipe

Thank you friends who participated in my "Let's play a guessing game". Yatie actually guessed the closest. She may not get the name but she was the only who saw the (bony)salted fish. :)

Actually that was the first time I made anything with salted fish. My good friend Bee Yinn of Rasa Malaysia gave me some last year during one of those times when she was flying home and had to clear her fridge/freezer. Thank you Bee Yinn! ;)

Anyways, Iv been meaning to make this kind of fried rice for ages but keep forgetting that I have the salted fridge in the freezer. So, on that lovely weekend, after getting some green bean from the supermarket, I got busy.

1 cup cooked day-old rice

2-3 shallot
2 garlic
4-5 thai chili (use more/less depending on how hot you like your rice)
1/2" belacan (if you're using powder form, use about 1.5 teaspoon)

half medium size onion, sliced into 1/4"
a few pieces salted fish, fried and cut into small pieces
Deep-fried anchovies (optional)
green bean, thinly cut (i prefer long bean but when i was at the store they looked old)
frozen mixed vegetables
2 tablespoon vege oil
salt, pepper and sugar to taste

1. Using mortal & pestel, pound shallot, garlic, thai chili and belacan or you can use the small food processor.

2. In a wok or pan, heat the oil on medium high. Add in the blended ingredients and stir until fragrant. About 30seconds.

3. Add in the rest of the ingredients and keep stirring. 1 min.

4. Add the rice and continue stirring until the rice and ingredients blend together. Taste and add salt/sugar/pepper until you're satisfied.

You can see from the picture how I like eating my fried rice. I prefer my egg fried with oil to sunny side up since I like the crunchiness of the edges. Pour some of the Lingham Chili sauce, cut some red chili, fry some prawn/fish cracker and voila! It was heaven!


Ms eNVy said...

Yummy! .. Oh I miss the guessing game :( Anyways I love salted fish but my better half looks at it suspiciously hehehehe ..
I'm still trying to find time to make cekodok .. maybe my dh will give tht a try .. will let you know! ;)

Awa said...

lorrr....ikan masin ke tu??? ingatkan ayam....tak nmpk cm ikan masin langsung ehhh.....ekekekkeke

tigerfish said...

Salted Fish Fried Rice...with belachan...this must be one of the most fragrant fried rice! :D

Dhanggit said...

my perfect mornings are the ones that starts with a fried rice like this!! yummy!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Love your fried rice, looks so good. I am back so I am craving for our stinky Malaysian food. :)

Salt & Turmeric said...

Envy, i always try to cook all the stinky fish when he's at work and most of the times he's banned fr the kitchen so he wont see anything anyway. lol. ooh u must make the cekodok. iv a feeling it'l be a hit w ur family. ;)

Awa, ler takkan tak nampak ikan masin. where got macam ayam? :P

Tigerfish, yes very the fragrant one. hahaha.

Dhanggit, thanks for visiting and welcome. U too like fried rice ya? ;)

BeeYinn, so early? jetlag ke? the other day i made nasi lemak and kuah durian. stil have lotsa sambal leftover. come over. ;)

Arfi Binsted said...

ikan asin ke? huiiiii!! sampai baunya di new zealand ni. awak dari malaysia ke? seneng jumpa! thanks for visiting my blog. sudah lama saya tak makan ikan asin. rindu rasanya!

Salt & Turmeric said...

Arfi, thanks for visiting. Yes im fr Msia & yes it is ikan asin. hehe. i miss makan ikan masin juga.