Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mini Chocolate Covered Cornflakes Cookie


9 oz cooking chocolate
3-4 oz conflakes
2 ozbutter
2 tablespoon honey
Mini paper cups
Colorful rainbow (decorater)

1. Using a double-broiler on low-heat, add in the butter followed by cooking chocolate and then honey.

2. Once the choc has melted, add in the cornflakes and turn off the heat. Stir until all of them are covered with chocolate.

3. Using teaspoon, scoop them into the mini cups and decorate with the colorful rainbow.

4. Let them cool and transfer in an air-tight container.

5. This recipe should make between 45-50 mini cups.


PEARLY said...

hi dear :
look yummy kids will love it my one will xxxx

Farina said...

trust me, not just kids. if u like crunchy cornflakes cookies, ul love this one. lemme kno if u want the recipe.

btw, arent u supposed to be travelling/on holiday?

PEARLY said...

I got back on the 10 and I was poorly for 2 days now here I am blog around to kay po :)

yes I need your recipe cos I need to make this for little kids at work there will love it I can see , will also add some chocolate small egg that will be great for little kids .

Munira said...

Omg! You got a secret blog, and it's dedicated to food and recipes! I love this! Women who can cook and know food are the best! I love to cook and bake too!

Farina said...

ahh u found my secret blog! lol! yes. iv decided to post all (new and old) food related here for easy access. truth is im more of bidan terjun cook. i love eating more than cooking and living overseas forced me to go back to the kitchen. ;) uv gotta share some recipes in ur blog too ok?

Anonymous said...

9 oz cooking chocolate
3-4 oz conflakes
2 ozbutter

i like this recipe very much.thanks for sharing.
may i know oz is how many gm.thanks.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Dear anon, you can just google for the conversion. Here's 1;

L said...

hi there, may i know what kind of chocolate do you use for this? i bought a cheap 500g chunk from the hypermart and the taste was atrocious. i made (and threw away) about 70 minicups. am mad at myself for thinking a cheap bar of chocolate wouldn't shortchange the taste, boy was i wrong!

any specific/recommended brand from you? thank u x10000!

p/s: my minicups made with the cheap chocolate look nothing like your lovely ones! pls helppp! :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

L, sorry that yours didnt turn out well. I really wouldn't recommend store brand chocolate. I think I used ghiradelli brand cooking chocolate bar. Try to halves the recipe first so you dont waste them. Let me know how it turns out ya?