Friday, August 8, 2008

Let's Play A Guessing Game, Shall We? Part II

Now, can you guess what those are?


Thank you all for playing along with my guessing game. Yes, this is Cek Mek Molek. Its very popular especially in the East Coast of Malaysia, mainly in the states of Kelantan and Terengganu. Eventhough my family live in Kuala Lumpur, I basically grew up in the East Coast since I went to a boarding school and attended a higher institution there. And that is how I got to know of all the goodies that East Coast have to offer. The words cek mek basically means lady and molek means pretty, sweet, cute and/or petite so directly translated it means Pretty/Sweet Lady. They may not be that pretty in look but they sure are sweet!

I made this during one of days when I was sitting watching the tv on one fine Sunday evening when suddenly, just out of the blue, I just crave for it. They are pretty easy to make since the ingredients are very basic. Sweet potato, flour, salt, sugar and oil for frying, that is all you need to make this sweet delicacy.
Cek Mek Molek
Serves 3-4

400-500gm sweet potato (I use 1 medium size)
1/2 cup flour (more or less depending on the size of the potato)
1/2 tsp salt
frying oil (enough to deep-fry them)

1. Boil the sweet potato until soft. Drain and mashed.

2. Slowly add in the flour and salt and mix well. Just remember that too much of flour will make them hard.

3. In a wok or frying pan or deep fryer, heat the oil using medium heat.

4. Take some of the dough and shape into a ball about 2in diameter. Since the dough can be pretty sticky, sprinkle some flour on you palm before you make the ball.

5. Slowly flatten the ball and press the middle part to make a small crater. Put some sugar and fold it back into a ball. Make sure it is properly sealed to avoid the sugar from running out when frying.

6. Slowly shape the ball into an oval shape with a slightly sharpened ends. As you can see from the pictures, I failed in making the ends sharp. Continue until all the dough is finished.

7. Fry them until golden brown.

Cek Mek Molek is usually enjoyed for breakfast and/or tea. Do be extra careful when biting into this delicacy as the sugar inside will already turned into liquid form (syrup). Biting it too fast or hard can result in having your whole table and/or shirt covered with the syrup.


daphne said...

kueh pisang?

U.Lee said...

Hello lady, noticed your interesting callsign at Jabishah's and busybody over.
Hey, this pics...I think they are kueh kodok? Or chimpedak goreng?
Hmmm, boleh dapat the lovely scent here, ha ha.
Wow! You play poker? Texas Hold'em?

First lady in all the blogs I see play poker...I too love playing it, but very small stakes, max .50 cents, ha ha.

You have a great weekend, best regards..and hold those Aces. Lee.

KitchenGirl said...

I have no idea what they are... but I want some :D Looks yummy!

ICook4Fun said...

The only thing I can think of is fried sweet potatoes with some gooey sweet filling. I don't care what it is but it look so good. I want to grab it from my screen :)Can't wait for the recipe because I want to make this too.

Jun said...

yea...adakah itu cek mek moleks..heheh....lama x mkn jugak...

Rasa Malaysia said...

Fried corn fritters.

Rebecca Ilham said...

Cek mek molek!! Gosh Kak Farina, I'm salivating already! FedEx some to Colorado, please!

Tie said...

Salam ziarah..tu memang cek mek..kat kelate dan ganu banyak lah..sedap gak..tapi malas nak buat..

Lore said...

I second Kitchengirl! Please say you'll be posting the recipe :)

Farah said...

errr...x tau nama kuih tu. tp dlm dia bila goreng, gula tu cair...jd aa cm dlm gamba tu.
tu salah 1 kuih melayu kegemaran awa tu..ngeh ngeh ngeh...
(tmbh lg 1 benda yg abg nie kena msk bila balik mesia nih)

MamaFaMi said...

I think it's Cek Mek Molek. Ini kalau teka betul, ada hadiah ke? Kotlah two tickets to the States ke... muahahaha... berangan je la mama ni...

Yatie_T said...

I am with everyone else here it is kuih cek mek molek. Lama nya tak makan kuih cek mek molek. I used to help making it all the time when I was a kid. :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

Daphne, sorry, its not kueh pisang. thanks for joining the game. ;)

U.Lee, not kueh kodok and i wish its cempedak goreng! havent had those in a while now. Yes i do play texas holdem but mostly for fun. ;)

KG, now you do. ;) this is a little introduction to Malaysian delicacies. Hope you will like it.

Gert, looks like you know wht it is but not the name. Now you can make it tourself. ;)

Jun, indeed they are. apa lagi, go get those keledek. hehe.

BY, not corn fritters. Have you had these before?

Becky, haha. Im sure as a kelantanese, u love this too ya? In this heat, berkulat lah kalau hantar.

Tie, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Im not sure where you are at but if you're back home, just get them at the night market. ;)

Lore, its done. Now you can try this traditional Malaysian East Coast delicacy.

Awa, ler tak tau nama ke. terer lagi abg nie. :P

Mamafami, en jalan kaki takleh sampai ke? hehe. jgn mara. gurau aje.

Yatie, i forgot tht ur fr east coast. have u tried making them here?

KitchenGirl said...

yay! I will save this recipe and try my hand at these soon... Let you know how it goes :)

Tom Aarons said...

Thanks for the memories! I remember eating these on holiday in Malaysia and loving them!

Salt N Turmeric said...

KG, goodluck! ;)

Tom, it is easy to fall in love w these sweet delicacy isnt it? ;)

Salt N Turmeric said...

KG, goodluck! ;)

Tom, it is easy to fall in love w these sweet delicacy isnt it? ;)

sefa firdaus said...
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sefa firdaus said...

misro bukan sih?

Salt N Turmeric said...

sefa, is misro a type of indo kueh?