Friday, September 12, 2008

Important And Exciting News

Hi all

Just want to share the good news. I just got myself my very own domain name. Yes, after contemplating for quite a while, I finally got down to doing it. No more of those long and too many dots url. It is now a very straight forward, easy-to-type (and remember!) name

If you are linked to me, please do update the url so we can still keep in touch via this world of blogosphere.


J.T. said...

Hi Farina

Thanks for the email informing me. I have yet to blog hop around which explains the very few visitors at my blog. haha
I have been so 'kaypoh' at Facebook. :D

Jo said...

hey sweetie... I will change your link this evening :) And congrats!!!


Lore said...

This is great news Farina! I'm changing the link right away and see you *there* :D

Rita Ho said...

Congrats, Farina! You take great effort in improving every aspect of this blog and the results are showing. :)

Munira said...

Super cool beans!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Jacque, no worries. Sometimes memang rasa malas. lol.

Jo, thank you and thank you! :)

Lore, thank you.

Rita, thank you. Im blessed to have a few good friends who has been helping me tremendously. Esp since im so IT-challenged! lol.

Munira, thnaks. Have you reached your destination yet?

noobcook said...

congrats! ^^

Nightwing said...

Good stuff,

Next time if i need to cook anything...will 'curi-curi' idea from here...:)

Congrats in getting ur own domain..:)

Maya said...

I will be watching :) Seriously - let me knwo how it goes. I have been wanting to switch over for months. Good luck!!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Noobcook, thank you.

Nightwing, no prob, curi away. lol.

Maya, im still nervous abt this thing. Am on wait and see mode.

Dayang said...

kak maok bayarkah polah website ya? best juak oooh heehhe

Ms eNVy said...

congrats dear! .. thanks for the email update .. and the tepung pelita recipe ;)