Monday, December 29, 2008

Yam Fritters / Keledek Goreng

3 more days before we have to change the date to 2009. Time sure does fly very fast. Like Michael said, "Just when I'm finally putting the date on cheques to 2008, it's changing again!". And a lot happened in 2008 too. From the political to weather to world to financial news. Some are good while others look very bleak. You all know which ones are looking very bleak at this moment. We are just done with a 4-day weekend and now we are about to get another 4-day weekend. Some of us of course has to take Friday off to get the long weekend but I am sure it is worth it. Who wants to go to work for 1 day in between holidays, right?

Anyways, I haven't been cooking that much lately but while looking for what to have for breakfast yesterday, I found a yam sitting on the kitchen counter and thought maybe I should make yam fritters. As some of you already know, fritters are a local favourite snack in Malaysia especially during tea-time and breakfast. The usual ones are of course banana fritters but the sellers would usually sell different kind of fritters and yam fritters are one of them. Here is how I make my yam fritters.

Yam Fritters

1 yam, pealed and sliced 1/2cm thick
3 tbs all-purpose flour
2 tbs tempura flour
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Cold water
Oil for deep frying

1. In a bowl, mix flour, turmeric powder and cold water to form a thick batter.

2. Heat the oil in a wok or frying pan on medium high.

3. Take 1 slice of yam at a time and coat with the batter and slowly put it in the wok/pan. Depending on the size of the sliced yam and wok/pan, fry a few at a time. Don't overcrowd because that will change the temperature of the oil. Flip once or twice.

4. Fry until golden brown on both side.

5. Sprinkle with some powdered sugar and serve immediately.

**I find the type of yam sold here to be a bit watery than what I am used to and if not eaten immediately after deep-frying, the crust tend to get soggy.


Bren said...

yeah i've always wondered what the point was for working b/w Christmas and New Years! How silly. Your fritters look delish :)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Makes me drool. Looks yum.

Maya said...

Tasty..reminds the ones we used to buy for tea.

tigerfish said...

Happy New Year!
I love holidays anytime and always love long weekends too!

Jo said...

Hey Farina :) Happy new year! I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months... getting to know your food and about your homeland too. It's been interesting and insightful and lovely. Thanks for giving me a look into your life and for always being such a sweetheart!

May 2009 be the best of years for you and Michael!


Peter M said...

I love yams...fritters sound even better!

Happy New Year!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Bren, something must be done to change all that. No more working between Xmas and NY! lol.

Lubna, thanks.

Maya, yup, i was thinking of all those goodies that they sell!

Tigerfish, I dont know abt Spore but US has less holidays than Malaysia. Happy New Year to you too!

Jo, Happy New Year to you too! The pleasure of knowing you is all mine my dear. *hugs*

Peter, thank you and Happy New Year to you as well!