Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chinese Fried Rice

chinese fried riceFried rice is an easy all-in-one meal that everybody can make. Especially Chinese Fried Rice. When I make it, I would use minimum ingredients with no meat or seafood. Just rice, mixed veggies and egg. Well, maybe some oil for frying, garlic and salt and pepper to taste too. Now, how can you not say that it is the easiest meal to make?

Yet as simple and easy as it is, I hardly ever made them. I am not sure why but maybe because when I cook white rice, I just do not cook extra and since I am the only one eating it, there is hardly ever any rice left that is enough to make fried rice. Until recently of course. I reminded myself to cook extra rice since it has been a while that I have homemade fried rice.

fried riceChinese Fried Rice
serves 1-2

2 cups 1-day old cooked white rice
2 garlic, sliced
1 cup frozen mixed veggie
Half medium size onion, sliced
2 eggs
Salt, sugar and white pepper to taste
2 tbs veggie oil

1. In a frying pan, heat the oil and saute the garlic.

2. Add the mixed veggie and cook until they are soft. Add in the rice together with sliced onion, salt, sugar and white pepper. Stir well.

3. In a small bowl, break the eggs and whisk a little and add into the pan. Stir until the egg mixed well with the rice. Serve immediately.

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Olga said...

I still haven't made fried rice. Yours looks super!

MamaFaMi said...

Fried rice is the easiet menu to prepare especially when you're not in the mood to cook but your tummy is growling! It's not only easy but fast to prepare and yummy to eat....
....wah... dah bunyi macam iklan la pulak! Hihihi.... Kalau kat Malaysia ni, kalau agak-agak terlebih TAK rajin, beli je perencah, lebur je dalam nasi... jadilah nasi goreng segera!

VG said...

One of my fav dishes. Looks good Farina.

tigerfish said...

Yep...easy...and "freestyle"....
that's something good abt fried rice :)

ICook4Fun said...

This is one quick and easy meal. I love to cook this if i am too lazy to prepare anything fancy :)

Maya said...

Simple, quick and sedap - can't really complain!

somuffins said...

A drop or two of sesame oil would enhance the taste too.

HomeKreation said...

Hi Farina. It has been a while since the last time I came here. Good to see that you are bz & kicking in the kitchen. Your fried rice looks very tempting!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Olga, the next time you've some leftover rice, try and make them. Very easy. :)

Mama, macam iklan maggi pulak dah! lol.

Thanks VG. :)

Tigerfish, free-style is very spot on!

Gert, yelah kan? Campak aje apa2 dlm pan. hehe.

Maya, not fr me either. :)

Somuffins, i tak pernah add sesame oil. Nanti will try. Thanks for the tip!

Roz, i ni bermusim. Sometimes tersgt rajin, other times malas nauzubillah. lol.

Cat Cat said...

Wah Minah, rajin masak chinese fried rice ya... Mengalahkan Cath yang chinese tapi kurang masak masakan cina... Huhuhu!

Ni kalo Cath masak chinese fried rice pun, bukan-nya ada manusia dalam rumah ni nak jamah pun... Cath jugak sorang-sorang makan.. Kesian tau... Baik tak yah masak.. Kekeke.

sYaNa said...

oooh ... that looks delicious! syana dah 2 bulan tak makan nasi ... diet hehehe

ish ...lapar la pulak ... dugaaan!

Jo said...

Lovely photos... and it looks superb too! I love fried rice, but I've never made it myself... you make it seem so simple! I need to try it one of these days :) Thank you Farina!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Cath, masa kat KL dulu I memang selalu masak chinese style esp noodle. Now susah nak cari the right kinda noodle so kurang lah.

Syana, amboi 2 bulan tak makan nasi? I wonder if i can do tht. lol.

Jo, chinese fried rice is easy to make. Id suggest you use basmathi rice for it since the texture is harder than regular jasmine rice. :)