Friday, April 24, 2009

Squid in Soy Sauce / Sotong Masak Kicap

Crazy is the perfect word to describe the weather here. We had kind of like a heat wave Saturday-Tuesday with temperature soaring up to 100F eventhough here in Huntington Beach I think we maxed at 97F. And guess what is the temperature now? It is like high 60s to low 60s. I don't really like to cook or be in the kitchen when it is hot since we do not have a/c in the apartment. If I can help it, I would totally avoid cooking when the temperature is higher than 80F but of course that is not possible. We all need to eat don't we?

We went to the asian supermarket last weekend (when it was hot and humid!) so I have quite a few goodies and squid is one of them. Actually I wanted to get some durian but unfortunately they didn't have any. Looks like this weekend we have to go to a different store to get my fix of durian. Anyways, back to my squid soy sauce. It is one of the easiest dish to make. No pounding or grinding or processing needed. Just cut the ingredients and stir fry and voila! You are good to go. Here is how I make my squid is soy sauce.

Squid in Soy Sauce
serves 2-3

1lb squid, clean and cut into rings (I used frozen readily cut)
2 garlic, sliced
1in ginger, sliced
2 red chili, sliced
1/2 red onion, sliced
1/4 cup water
4tbs sweet soy sauce
3tbs light soy sauce
1tbs thick soy sauce
1/2 tsp white pepper (optional)
Salt and sugar to taste

1. In a big pan, heat some oil and saute garlic and ginger.

2. Add in the squid and give it a quick stir.

3. Add water, all soy sauce and all the other ingredients. Keep on stirring for 1-2min.

4. Serve immediately with a plate of warm white rice.


Kak Teh said...

Farina, I love squid in whatever form. and in kicap, eaten with hot steaming rice...aiyo lupa semua orang. And squid in sambal makan dengan nasi lemak!!

Sri said...

I love sotong too. Yum! But you know, I never had this dish. Must try.
My mom always make sotong masak hitam? Is that what it's called? Squids cooked in their black inks. Ahhh.... sedap. That freaked my hubby one time though. LOL...

MamaFaMi said...

In my house, if I cook anything to do with kicap, then that's it, I ended up eating it myself! Haha.. nobody likes kicap that much. Kesian si Kicap. Hihihi... I like sambal sotong though...

3yearshousewife said...

Me and my son the sotong lovers. Cook it in any form, we'll the first to dig in...unfortunatley we can't get it fresh here only the frozen ones.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kak Teh, sambal sotong memang best giler. My fren just told me abt these boxed squid yg ada telur and i dah beli cuma belum buat je lagi. Next i akan buat sambal sootng using that kind of sotong.

Sri, no this is masak kicap. I never acquired the liking for squid ink sauce. lol. Next time cuba lah try buat sotong masak kicap ni.

Mama, ur household tak makan kicap ye? Takpe kita gang berdua ajelah. lol.

3yhw, eh kat sini pun sebenarnya frozen kind aje. Yg 'fresh' tu semua defrosted ones. ;)

somuffins said...

S&T, just curious. Apa lauk lain yg you masak that can ngam with sotong kicap tu? Normally you masak berapa lauk? 3? or like me kadang2 1 aje? (panas terik kat dapur tu.. so 1 dish dah kira nikmat)

SOHO Mama said...

Hi S & T,
I've been reading your food blog on and off and now since I *just remembered to* would like to include some food entries in my blog too, I decided to follow yours :)

I masak simple2 je. Yg penting edible haa haa! Nasib baik lah my husband bukan yg jenis cerewet tentang makanan. I dont really cook very d very traditional lauk..tak reti sgt..! With 3 boys and a baby girl, everyweek I'll cheat maybe twice and beli lauk :P

Salt N Turmeric said...

Somuffin, masa i baut sotong kicap tu i also fried some eggplant and buat sayur green beans masak with telur. Kekadang kalau malas memang masak 1 lauk aje dgn makan dgn ulam timun or tomato or lettuce. I eat very simple tak kisah punya. :)

SohoMama, thanks for dropping by. I pun actually masak for myself aje. Untuk hubby masak something western sbb dia tak fancy sgt msian food. Kalau kitorang duduk Msia most likely i pun masak once or twice a week. lol.

mama diny said...

Farina, singgah ler food blog I yg dah lama bersawang ni..

Justin Schwartz said...

mmm, this looks really interesting. I glanced at the photo and thought those were noodles. sounds like the flavors would be great.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Mai, thanks for dropping by. :)

Justin, they do look kinda like noodle don't they? lol.

Maya said...

That is right - one needs to eat after all! Nicely done Farina!

Michelle said...

I've tried making squid before but wasn't very satisfied with it because it was extremely chewy and tough. In restaurants I've had it melt-in-the-mouth tender. Do you know the secret?

Salt N Turmeric said...

Thanks Maya!

Michelle, squids tend to be tough when they are overcooked. Maybe that is the reason?