Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Battle of the Chili Sauce

I think by now, most of my readers would know how fanatic I am with chili sauce and sweet soy sauce. My favourite chili sauce brand is of course, Lingham while for sweet soy sauce, its got to be Habhal cap kipas udang. (shrimp fan?) The problem is that I live far away from home that I cant just walk into any supermarket and grab them off the shelves. The truth is, ever since I moved to the US, iv yet to find anybody selling Habhal brand sweet soy sauce. Not in PA, not in CA. :(

Lingham on the other hand, is easier to find. I used to get them from the World Market. Notice that I used the word "used"? Thats because on my last visit, I found out that they have stopped selling Lingham chili sauce. Cruel! Anyways, I was told that Mae Ploy (product of Thailand) sweet chili sauce is similar so I got myself some when I went to the World Market nearby. That's when I found this 'Malaysian Sweet Coconut Sauce' a product from Thailand. I know quite a variety of sauces in Malaysia but to tell you the truth, Iv never heard or seen a sweet coconut sauce before. Im very very curious but have yet to taste the sauce. Has anyone heard or tried this kinda sauce before?


Ms eNVy said...

what a cruel part of the world we live in! .. they have stopped selling lingham !? .. maybe other places might have it? .. well with the cost of gas nowadays I'm sure it is not reasonable to be driving around to look for lingham chili sauce! .. *sighs* .. definitely a cruel world ..

As for the Malaysian Sweet Coconut Sauce .. saw it a couple of times .. but have yet to buy & taste it .. am just using my Maggi Chili sauce right now :) and as for kicap manis .. I used ABC brand which is not too bad .. :)

Well let me know how the new chili sauce taste like ..

MamaFaMi said...

Sweet Chili Coconut Sauce? Haven't heard about that before? You mean to say, there's santan in it? How will that taste like? I'd rather go for the Thai Sweet Chillie Sauce.. yummy!

pearly said...

I have the one Thai sweet chili but I haven't see one Malaysia coconut chili . is that test nice ???
the Thai sweet chili with roast chicken is yummy

Dhanggit said...

sweet chili coconut sauce..that must be yummy!! i need to have one fast :-)

Pak Idrus said...

farina, well it look like most of the produce that we Malaysian love are imported from Thailand. It look like Malaysia did very little of exporting such products, maybe a few that I saw.

As for the Chilly sauce I found one from Malaysia and it is a product of Yeo Hup Seng. It is
label as Yeo's Chilly Sauce Sweet, especially made for the US market.

Have a nice day.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Norma, yup. very cruel. thts whylah malas nak cari jauh2. it just doesn make sense economically to drive around to all the asian stores looking for 1 thing. :( oh uv seen the coconut chili sauce before? i stil have like 1/3 of lingham left n havent decided wht shud i get as replacement.

MamaFami, yup ada santan kelapa. i belum bukak and try lagi. nanti bila i try il let u kno wht it taste like ok? ;)

Pearly, yup the thai sweet chili is good w roasted chicken or prawn. nothing beats lingham sauce tho. hehe.

Dhanggit, do u think u can find 1 there in france?

Pak Idrus, ur right. its sad tht msian didn export much food product eventho we produced a lot ourselves. theyv got to be more adventurers and not let other ppl export the 'msian' stuff.

Yatie_T said...

I saw the sweet chili coconut sauce before but never taste it. Do share with us how it taste like.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Yatie, the sauce is too sweet to my liking.

Farah said...

Abg Nie, maybe the sweet chili coconut sauce tu meant for cooking kot....and not for cicah2....tapi kan, bila translate the sauce...santan cili sos....yearksss!!!! mcm tak sedap jek...huhuhuhuhuh

well....im in malaysia...can get all kind of chili sauce here...hehehhe dun jeles ekk abg nie :p

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