Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foodbuzz Made Me An Iron Chef,

NOT! Just my wish :P

I was not feeling too well last weekend what with the temperature ranging between the 60s F and high 80s F. But when I received another package from Foodbuzz, camwhoring-I-must!

We both like our burgers well-done

Please take not that no spatula was burned in the process of taking these pictures. It was used solely as a prop but I did sleep at Holiday Inn Express last night. haha. (Just kidding. I did not sleep at the Holiday Inn. Just mocking their U.S. commercial).


mad redo1 said...

uuu... yummy burgers, I got tired of the usual ramly fares and made one myself... definitely worth the try especially for size...

err... I did sleep at a number of holiday inns last year... LAX, Vegas... can ah?

Kate / Kajal said...

hey nice barbie you have there !
Hope you are feeling better, you look gr8 though :) nice spatula n the burgers ...yum !

noobcook said...

Wow congratulations on your fb goodies. You look good with the apron hehee. Hope they send to me too ;p

`nic's noodle` said...

Your stab at the Holiday Inn commercials made me spit my water out. Lol. Funny lah you ;)
Now excuse me, I have to wipe down my keyboard.

Yatie_T said...

Farina,nice burger there and that's a lot of food for two or maybe three ;-) Sorry, didn't get much time to blog hopping.... busy with planning and getting stuff for Josh's 1st b'day. I must say it is a lot of work and hopefully all friends and family will have fun.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Mad, nothing beats ramly burgers lah. Cheap and good! Eh, were you in la/vegas last year?

Kate, thank you. Yes, im feeling much better now. Hopefully the weather stays nice like now. ;)

Wiffy, im sure they'l send yours soon. ;)

Nic, haha. Glad you liked it. Make sure you wipe it clean or else you wont get to use it.

Yatie, we always make more so he can bring some for his lunch the next day. ;) So hows the preparation going?

Zue Murphy said...

I bagi you 10 points la for gaya.

Ms eNVy said...

nice one! .. what requirements to join foodbuzz? .. maybe I should .. but then again .. I'm not good with keeping my blog up to date .. and when it comes to being a foodie .. I don't get to do tht as much as well .. we'll see :) btw .. love those ribs more than burgers .. hehehe ..

Jo said...

Look at how beautiful you are in your apron! And those burgers... yum!


VG said...

Congrats dear and what gaya you have. Betul2 macam Iron Chef!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Zue, thank you. There was another pic w a serious face but i decided not to post tht one. lol.

Envy, call me and I will explain abt foodbuzz to you.;)

Jo, oh thank you. ;) the burger was yummy! lol.

Vin, gaya mesti ada! ;)