Monday, October 20, 2008

Eid Open House Menu 1 - Spicy Honey Chicken / Ayam Masak Madu

I know I have been pretty quiet the last 2 weeks. The truth is I had been busy for my Raya Open House last weekend which turned out very well. I got a little bit over board by cooking so many dishes that I ended up forgetting to serve 1 of them which is Fried Beef Satay. I just could not stopped myself from cooking but I am happy that my guests of 11 people enjoyed the food and the company. Rasa Malaysia also came but she left before the photo session started.

Today I am posting 1 of the dishes that I served for my Open House. This means that there are going to be a few more posts coming. Spicy Honey Chicken is 1 of the few dishes that I know how to make when I moved here. It is some sort of a mix and match of sweet & sour chicken and honey chicken that I used to have together with my Briyani Rice. If you are a regular to my blog, you will realise that I use a lot of anise seed, clove, cinnamon stick and cardamon seed in my cooking. This is because I just like the smell that comes out of them when they are being sauteed and also when you reheat them. I promise that you will get complimented for it. *wink*

Spicy Honey Chicken / Ayam Masak Madu

8-10pcs of chicken (bone in)
3 tsp tumeric powder
1.5 tsp salt

1/2 small bottle of sambal oelek
5 shallots
3 garlic
2inc ginger

4-spices (3 star anise seed,6 cloves,6 cardamon & 2in cinnamon stick), rinsed
6 tbsp honey
2 tbsp ketchup
1/2 cup water
3 tbsp oil
1/2 onion, sliced

1. Marinate the chicken with tumeric powder and salt. Deep fry (slowly) them and keep aside.

2. Grind ingredients in B with a little bit of water.

3. Heat up the oil in the wok and add the 4-spices until fragrant and then saute items B.

4. Add the rest of the items in C and continue stirring.

5. Keep tasting until you get the desired taste and lastly put the chicken in. Stir and serve with white warm rice or briyani rice.


Tastes of Home said...

nice! I love spicy honey chicken..:)

Rasa Malaysia said...

Ooooh, pix look really good. You need to write a few paragraphs to introduce the dish to get good rank on Google.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Jannie, you should have come. :P

Bee, I decided not to use the pics that i took yesterday. haha. Yup, I uodated w the write up. ;)

AnakM said...

waaahh! Sekarang dah pandai dah ambik gambo. Lawo giler ... terliur-liur ong tengok! MMMmmmhhh

Jun said...

Farina..buat open hse ya? i pon buat last saturday just for a few frenz..penatttt! hehe...dat chicken nampak sedap...u masak ape lagi? sure best kan?

HomeKreation said...

Salam kenal Farina. Returning your visit & have responded to your question in my blog. Will link your blog & let's networking.


MamaFaMi said...

Rajinnya buat open house... Chicken looks yummy!

VG said...

Pity I don't live close by...I would have invited myself! The pictures lokk great, btw.

Jo said...

This looks really enak dan sedap! It suddenly reminded me of a briyani shop in Bangsar that sells honey fried chicken briyani.

Salt N Turmeric said...

AnakM, memang tujuannya nak buat orang terliur. ;) Eh have u been here before?

Jun, u buat sat ye? i pun tak buat besar2 but itupun dah penat giler. lol.

Hi Roz, thanks for visiting. I dah tengok dah your answer. terima kasih. ye, mari kita ber-networking ;)

Mama, memang dah lama nak buat tapi rumah kecik so tahun ni sampai jugak hajat. Thanks. Bila mama nak buat spicy honey chicken? ;)

Vin, thank you. I took some pic of the spicy honey chicken on tht day but the pic didn come out to well so gotta retook. Eh if you live close by memang i jemput u.

Jo, thank you. Did you mean briyani w honey fried chicken at Mahbub in Bangsar? Thats my fav briyani place too!

ICook4Fun said...

Wish I am still living in CA and I will invite myself to your open house :) i really like this dish and I will order this too if I makan nasi briyani :)

judyfoodie said...

Sounds like your open house was a success. I too tend to go overboard and cook for an army when I have people over. I too have forgotten to serve a dish on a few occasions ;)

Your chicken looks delectable. I am trying to cut down on the oil in my cooking, so you think I can get away with baking this dish?

Sri said...

Fa, the pix is nicely taken.

This looks good. Reminds me of Ayam Masak Merah. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have to try this after...uhm... I remove all the bubble wrap around the kitchen. Hehehehehehehehe....

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, you know you're always invited to my house. ;)

Judy, welcome. Yes, my openhse was a success. I think I ate too much tho. lol. On baking. I guess you can bake the chicken first and then mix them into the gravy.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Oh my - that looks so wonderfully good. It's making me hungry, and I just had lunch! ;) - John

Nazarina A said...


I wish that I could celebrate Eid for a whole month! Thank you for stopping by!!!All your past posts eg. honey chicken and prawn fritters look so extravagantly goooood!!!I wish that I could eat them right now, seeing that Eid is over!! yOU ARE JUST A BIG TEASE!!

Yes, don't we just splurge on Eid. I was so busy all hours night before Eid, that I fell asleep on the sofa while my family and guests enjoyed themselves. I could not help it I was so tired. They even helped themselves to taking all the desserts and all the food home with them. So I had to cook again the next day. I wish I could have lived close to you, so that I could come eat all your delicious dishes!
Much love!!!!

AnakM said...

Oh yes, I am here all the time tapi this is the first time commenting. That chicken really, really looks yummy! :) Keep it up OK!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Thanks Sri. Come to think of it, maybe shud just bubble-wrapped Lily. lol.

John, Im pretty sure you both like spicy food. Give this Spicy Honey Chicken a try. Dont forget to eat it with some briyani rice. ;)

Nazarina, if im back in Malaysia, id still be attending Eid open house until the 30th. lol. Poor you had to cook again on the morning of Eid. Imagine if we all live close by. Non-stop eating session!

Thanks AnakM. Some dish are pretty easy to take pic of while others are impossible. lol.

noobcook said...

it looks so delicious! love all the spices, I must learn to experiment with more spices to improve my cooking ;)

tigerfish said...

I love spices! And spicy honey chicken is tempting me right now!

Yatie_T said...

it really does looks delicious and I am sure it taste so goooood eating with Nasi Briyani. Who ever haven't eat at Mahbub in Bangsar are missing out the best Briyani. Once you eat there, you'll get hook for life. hehehe... wonder if they add some "special" ingredient.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Wiffy, thank you. You can start adding the spices when you make chicken soup. ;)

Tigerfish, i like spicy honey chicken too because of the spiciness and sweetness it has. Goes rally well with briyani rice.

Yatie, another one of peminat mahbub in bangsar rupanya. lol.

Ms eNVy said...

Sad I don't live nearby :( It looks good and I know it taste good too :)

At first glance it looks so difficult to make but after reading your recipe it is not tht difficult at all! This is a keeper in my recipe book :)

Pravs said...

Looks very tempting. love the color.

chumpman said...

super delicious looking! i must try making this! great recipe you got there!