Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nasi Lemak Sambal Tumis Sotong (part 1)

Nasi Lemak. Rice cooked with coconut milk. A Malaysian favourite for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. Comes in a variety of dishes or just plain. For the simplest nasi lemak you will get the rice, a few slices of cucumber, 1/8 of hard-boiled egg, sambal and deep-fried peanuts with maybe about 3-4pieces of anchovies wrapped in a banana leaf and old newspaper. We call that version, Nasi Lemak Bungkus, literally means wrapped nasi lemak.

This is my recipe for nasi lemak. I will come back for the sambal sotong (squid sambal) recipe. ok?

Nasi Lemak
serves 2

1 cup rice
1/4 onion, thinly cubed
1-in ginger, thinly sliced
1 cup water
3/4 cup coconut milk
Salt and sugar to taste
1 tblsp oil
1 pandan leaf (optional)

1. Wash and rinse the rice. Put it aside.

2. In a pot, heat up the oil, sauteed onion and ginger.

3. Add in the rice with water and cocount milk.

4. Add in salt and sugar. Stir and taste.

5. If you have the pandan leaf, tie it into a knot and put into the pot. Let it boil.

6. Once boiled, cover and simmer for 25min.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

i always love nasi lemak...we call it nasi uduk in indo, and i can just eat it plain...maybe with sambal and krupuk hehehe

You're invited to my chinese take-out party, check out the details in my blogpost:

Hope you'll play along :)

Looking forward to your take on chinese take-out ^_^

PEARLY said...

I was thinking of Nasi Lemak wish I can have some ... I was thinkig to ask hubby bring me to the Malaysian restrant for luch .. cos only myself funcy Nasi lemak so no point to cook for one only ... now looking at your sato sambal nasi lemak oh gosh ..... I really wish to have it now look soooooooo good my dear xxxxx

Ms eNVy said...

the nasi lemak looks so good! .. I tried making mine the other day .. and it didn't turn out as good :(.. maybe I should give your recipe a try .. it looks easy enough ;) anyways waiting in anticipation for the sambal sotong recipe! ..

reading this post brought back memories masa I kat sekolah rendah.. always had nasi lemak bungkus for recess! .. ahhhh good times! .. hehehe

Munira said...

This one looks simple and the ingredients are obtainable. I wanna try this :)

Anonymous said...

Cik Farina,yummy-licious(is there such a word?..oh well.Can't wait for the sotong recipe:).Cepat sikit ya.Just kidding.Thks for sharing.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Rita, i never knew nasi uduk is something like nasi lemak. i alwasy tot nasi uduk is like nasi ulam. sorry tht i cud join ur party. im already in virginia. next time ok? ;)

Pearly, since ur hubby dont eat nasi lemak, why dont u just tapau? or u can make it urself and eat it every day like i always do. lol.

Envy, thanks. I sebenarnya main teka aje apa bahan2 buat nasi lemak tu. so far nobody complain so i guess oklah tu. lagipun i ni kan kalau lagi senang nak buat, lagi i happy. lol. nasi lemak bungkus during recess, lepas tu semua ngantuk! hahaha.

Munira, senangkan? i dont know how other ppl make their nasi lemak but this is how i make them. ;)

Lee, thank u for dropping by. yes, got wht word yummy-licious. ;) il try to post the sambal sotong recipe in a couple of days ok. im stil tired fr the flying.

tigerfish said...

I love nasi lemak. The chili is what makes it great!

Dianne said...

adoiiiiiiiii sedappppppppp

Salt & Turmeric said...

Tigerfish, ur right. The sambal either make or break the nasi lemak.

Dayang, gi jelah kat kg baru tu. kaw tim! lol.

Bentoist said...

Beautiful! Now I'm inspired to make nasi lemak for my bento sometime this week!

Mia mia said...

dear ur recipe is great, but to make it nicer can add one lemongrass (diketuk) dan secubit halba or in english fanugreek. it will turn out extremely yummylicous..

Salt N Turmeric said...

Thanks Mia Mia. I actually lupa nama halba tu so nak beli pun tak boleh sbb tak tau nama. lol. Now dah tau and baru hari tu nampak at my friend's house. Next time will add some too.