Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Not-Stupid Instant Noodle

I used to eat a lot of instant noodle especially when I was in school and uni. Back then, we dont have kitchen so instant noodle was usually made using boiled water poured into a tupperware or something with no other ingredients thus I called it mee bodoh (stupid noodle). heheh.

I do still like to eat instant noodle and my fav brand would be maggi mee. Be it chicken flavor or curry or assam laksa. Unfortunately the asian store that I usually frequent dont carry that brand so I just settled with the regular ramen noodle. :(

Speaking of chicken flavor maggi mee, I would crack and egg and eat it with tomato sos (ketchup) but I hardly do that anymore here since the taste of the ketshup is not the same as maggi tomato sos. if there's anything that Im particular about, it would be the tomato sos (maggi), chili sos (lingham) and sweet soy sos (habhal). Of all 3, only 1 is available here that is lingham chili sos.

Geez, do I ramble a lot today or what? lol. I think im in a wrong blog. Should have rambled on the other side. ;) But then again, there's no recipe for this not-stupid noodle. As you can clearly see from the pic, I just add an egg and some vegies into my noodle and cut chili with soy sauce on the side.

How do you enjoy your instant noodle?


PEARLY said...

I love instant noodle my kids love it is they lunch during skol holiday ,when I am at work there will cook it in the micowave all 3 of them :)
if I am having I will add veg and egg and fish ball ect make it very yummy ..keke
your look yummy I love it .
oh maggi chill sos we have it here in UK at the normal super market too is lovely to add it in the mee mmm .

Dianne said...

dolok duk sia suka makan mee ramen oii ehheeh ari2 polah,gila tul makan mee.ehehhe
skrg pon suka,paling senang,since wat kek,so xda masa heheheh slrrpppp

Salt & Turmeric said...

pearly, somehow i dont like adding meat in my instant noodle. i dunno why. egg and vegie enuf already. ooh u have maggi sos there. lucky u!

Dayang, ramen noodle sik nyaman. maggi stil the best. kesian baker kena makan instant noodle ajak. hhehe.

I Cook4Fun said...

I wonder why you called it Mee Bodoh. It is because it's so easy to cook that orang bodoh pun boleh masak ha ha.. like you I still prefer mee maggi. I find indo mee tak sedap lah. Baunya semacam only.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Gert, i call it mee bodoh sbb mee tu kosong. takde telur or sayur. hehe. yes, i pun kurang sikit dgn indomie but wht to do, no choice. michael cannot even eat indomie becaue of the smell. lol.

Retno Prihadana said...
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Retno Prihadana said...

Ahaa...I do the same with you, this is our family sunday breakfast.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

normally i add lots of unhealthy food into my noodle hehehe

fried egg, or just stirred in, sausages, meat balls, hehehe

jabishah said...

I did not hv much memory of this "mee bodoh" during my childhood (mom was rather particular 'bout its nutrition). Now as a mom, I forbid my girls to eat this but enjoy mine with lots of chillies (cili padi lagi power!) when they are either in school or asleep ;-).

tigerfish said...

If it's dry, I like to toss in sesame oil, ketchup and sometimes garlic chili sauce. If it's soup, I like to crack in an egg!

Both good!

Salt & Turmeric said...

Retno, sunday breakfast ya? My parents & I sometimes have them for breakfast too. ;)

Rita, haha. Just throw eveything into the bowl ya? lol.

Jabishah, thank u for visiting. Funny. Curi2 makan ye? ;)

Tigerfish, sesame oil is something tht i dontv in my kitchen. lol.